Just taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all those who have supported Inner Health & Healing Kinesiology since it first began in 2017, and to those who have encouraged me in writing my first book:


“The Waking Co-Dependent Diaries: Emotional Neglect & Narcissistic Abuse – A Recovery of Self”  By Zoe Livesley – now available on Amazon. 


The Book’s Description:

Empathic and sensitive people with a history of childhood emotional neglect often feel there is something deeply wrong with who they are.  As they navigate their way through life, they’re drawn to partners they hope might validate them.


But why would a co-dependent go to a narcissist to get the approval they so desperately need?  Why do they routinely find themselves in all the wrong places with all the wrong people?


Follow the Healing journeys of narcissistic abuse and childhood emotional neglect survivors as they begin to challenge the lies they were told about themselves and love.  Find out how it feels to live with a controlling personality and learn more about the mindset and patterns that dominate the life of a co-dependent.


Written with humour and compassion, this poignant recovery and healing guide is a valuable tool for those who are ready to break the cycle of abuse and co-dependency within their generation.


Learn how to disarm a narcissist and manage the worst of their behaviour when co-parenting – or whenever you need to be around one.  Discover ways to manage ‘difficult’ people with confidence and self-control and learn how to deflect and avoid them altogether.


Are you ready to discover the truth of who you really are?  All your hidden potentials are waiting to be found – be prepared to take back the power you never knew you had.

The journey to a better life starts with you!


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