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21 Sepia ziggy

The following images have been created from a mixture of paints, pastels, photography and digital art. I start with a plan and then something entirely different comes out – that’s my process.

Some of the digital art images turned out with mystery things in them.  Looking closely at these images was a kind of meditation, my mind was trained to be still and this is always a good thing.

The early pieces are dark and weird, and as I grew spiritually and started working with kinesiology and energy to heal my emotional self, these images took on a whole new bright and breezy look. All happening without conscious intention.

We all have a powerful, wise inner self that wishes sometimes to speak to us and express itself.

Art is a perfect way to hear what it is – we may need to know.

49 FA fish n duck 1


39 FA Magic stone



24 FA coaster



22 FA Chaos

35 FA hooded figure



13 the chief


10 FA narc conceit



kings diving




Blue Goddess 1tree roots eynfish

xmas tree


Goddess59 FA white rose bush


20 FA blue green crystal eyes from mars217 FA blanket9 FA yin yang5 FA Emerald Diam fog crystal


47 FA rose fractured


1 meditating man originalspace winezoe-livesley-572129-unsplash

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