Opening Hours:  

Monday – Friday: 08.30 – 3.30pm

Saturday/Sunday:  12.00-4pm


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1 x Full Kinesiology Balance (New Clients):


1 x 60-minute Focussed Balance (see below) /$120.

Emotional Release


Mental Clarity

Fresh Ideas & Inspirations

Emotional Freeness

Deep Relaxation

Allowing new Awareness

Emotional Healing

$95 – 1hr

Crystals & Chakras Guided Meditation

Increase Energy Flow

Improve Health

Deep Relaxation

Clearing Energy Blockages

Increased Focus

Enhanced Spiritually

Enhanced Awareness

$95 – 1hr

Life Database

(The body chooses the priority goal from a large database of life situations and solutions).

Reaching Awareness

Working through obstacles

Finding the  right way forward


Connecting with Self

Emotional Healing and Release

$95 – 1hr

Reflex Energy Boosters

Clearing Energy Blockages

Increasing Energy and Motivation

Reaching a greater Clarity

Deep Relaxation

$95 – 1hr

Goals – Attitude for Success

Creating SMART goals

$95 – 1hr

Can’t make it to Clinic?  

Distance Kinesiology – Via Skype


How does it Work?

Because our bodies are electrical in nature, we all send off a vibrational frequency – ALL matter contains these frequencies.  Our bodies respond to each and every vibrational frequency, i.e someone’s voice, a loud noise, a soothing, gentle noise, or to our own emotions.  Emotions carry their own frequency.  

A Kinesiologist can tap into these vibrational frequencies to find out what is causing a ‘stress’ to the body, or what has a beneficial, positive effect on the body. 

In Clinic, we do this through direct muscle testing.  However as healing is not confined to physical space, vibrational energy can be transferred and healing can occur through energetic and spiritual transmission.   

I begin the session by explaining what kinesiology is, and how it works to support mind, body and spirit, and answer any questions you may have. 

We discuss what is going on in your life at the moment and which areas you wish to be improved upon or to have more clarity.  The session is completely confidential and the more open to the process you are the more beneficial the session will be for you.

As we continue to communicate with each other this way, I will be acting as a conduit or surrogate for your energy and self-muscle testing your responses for energy blockages or a stress response, this way I can detect the priority issue needed to work on and what kinesiology technique your body is asking to ‘fix’ the problem.


A reliable internet connection in a quiet, safe and comfortable place.  Consider your appointment time sacred to yourself, and ensure there are no interruptions, as you would if you were in Clinic.

In the days prior to your appointment try to detach and observe your daily life patterns without judgement.  You might like to journal some issues that arise and feel you would like to work on in the session. 

Payment Methods: 

Cash on day of the appointment

Paypal prior to the appointment –

Direct Bank Transfer on day of appointment.

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