Try Kinesiology: Chakra Clearing

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Kinesiology is a gentle Holistic Therapy that taps into the Knowledge and Wisdom of your own body, to balance Energy, heal past trauma and resolve present problems. ? One of the many ways we can shift our energy towards achieving what we really want…

The Covert Narcissist’s Hooks:  Flattery, Fantasy and Poor Me Syndrome

The covert narcissist’s hooks won’t catch everyone, but they’re likely to entrap co-dependent and empathic personality types almost 100% of the time.  The covert narcissist differs in some ways to their louder counterpart – the overt narcissist, who is easier to spot with their strong sense of entitlement, arrogant nature,

Narcissistic Abuse Fallout: Learning to Trust Again

Ending a long-term relationship with a controlling person will lead to a sense of freedom, but it’s a pleasure that can’t always be enjoyed right away – there are many layers of conditioning to remove and a long-lost identity to find.  Recovering co-dependents are often saddled with debilitating trust issues

Red Flags: ‘Friendships’

Co-dependents, sensitives, empaths, introverts and those who grew up in emotionally neglectful or abusive homes often experience more than the average number of problems with their friendships, in addition to their intimate relationships.  These ‘friendships’ are often dysfunctional, unrewarding and one-sided.  Our ‘softness’ (our empathic nature or people pleasing behaviour),

Red Flags – Controlling Behaviour

Criminal Justice (Series 2, 2008-9) follows the story of Juliet, a woman who has been tormented for years by a husband who meticulously controls her every move.  It’s a familiar theme for many who live their lives in secret this way.   I know all too well that bruises can heal, but

Narcissist Red Flags – Part 2:  Keeping Others in the Dark – Withholding Information – the Workplace Antics of the Narcissistic Boss and his or her Flying Monkeys

“Make sure you put plenty of sugar in the boss’s tea!” was my mother’s tip on the first day of a new job, which was actually code for, “Try your best to please the bitch so she won’t treat you like shit”.  The narcissist is often found in a management

Narcissist Red Flags: Keeping Others in the Dark – Withholding Information: New Relationships and Co-Parenting

Keeping people ‘in the dark’ (withholding information deliberately) is one of the narcissist’s favourite tactics, because when others are second-guessing themselves or their reality, they become easier to control and manipulate.  Confusion and doubt distract the chosen target and limit their chance of ever finding out who they’re dealing with

Emotional Neglect and Narcissistic Abuse – A Recovery of Self: Healing through Acceptance

As I moved forward in my recovery journey, I often found that life introduced (and sometimes threw) various home truths to consider, some of which were very challenging.  The word ‘acceptance’ was a difficult one to understand or ‘accept’ in relation to healing from childhood emotional neglect and narcissistic abuse. 

A Recovery of Self

Welcome! I have created this Blog to connect with others and bring awareness, support and recognition to the secret suffering and everyday challenges of those affected by toxic relationships.

Finding your MATE – the Mindset/Awareness/Thought/Energy needed to move yourself to a state of Allowance, Abundance and Self-Pride.

Do you sometimes feel sorry for yourself?  Do you sometimes feel resentful and confused why others seem to have ‘so much’ and you ‘so little’?  Does the green-eyed monster show up sometimes?    What is this trying to tell you?   Even when we are aware that such thoughts make

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