What did you dream about last night? Can you still remember your dreams by the end of the day? If like me, you may register a dream and try to remember it when you wake up. You may even tell somebody about it, but after that, no more energy is spent on it, and it’s forgotten. You leave it where you found it, and don’t make any effort try to understand what it might mean. We sometimes do the same thing with our life goals or our life dreams. We register them, mention them to others, re-run them in our mind briefly but don’t move further towards them. Today’s message is a reminder to spend some ‘action’ time on your goals and dreams. Even if it is for just a few minutes a day. You will send the message to both yourself and the universe (both powerful motivators for action) that your intention is alive and moving forward. Before you know it things will start to change. While we sleep healing energy flows through us, restoring balance and processing unresolved issues. Use your night-time dreams to help you navigate the way you have chosen and heal the path you had once taken.


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