What IS Kinesiology and What Can it Do For Me?

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I firmly believe one day in the near future everyone will know what kinesiology is and most people will have a kinesiologist on their phone contact list because they consider them an important member of their healthcare team, but this is YET to come for many of us. 


Because kinesiology is complex and supports us on many levels – emotional, physical, biochemical and spiritual – via so many different means and techniques, it was a real challenge to keep the explanation of what it actually IS, concise and simple – but here goes – I hope it helps


We are all made up of ENERGY alongside every THING in the world.  Kinesiology uses a technique called muscle testing to identify energy imbalances in the human body.  Muscle testing is a way that we can communicate with the UNCONSCIOUS mind to identify exactly what is blocking us from achieving what we want and what is really underneath some our own self-sabotaging behaviours.


There are many different techniques we can use to correct these imbalances, such as working with Acupressure points, Reflex points, Massage, working with Crystals, Colour Therapy or the Chakras, to name but a few – the awesome part is that your body will indicate which specific one it needs!  Kinesiology is a very personal and custom-made therapy, made for each individual – no two people being the same.  


The kinesiologist is much like the facilitator for the client – who is able to have access to an entirely DIFFERENT ASPECT of themselves to gain knowledge and a deeper awareness of what may be causing problems in their every day lives. 


Because it works on an energetic level, deep within the body, it can support and help with a vast number of ailments or problems, such as: 


Skin problems

Weight issues

Feeling ‘stuck’ in your life

Having little/no energy to do what you need to do

Relationship problems

Aches and pains that don’t seem to go away. 


Kinesiology doesn’t treat, diagnose or prescribe named diseases but assists with identifying and resolving underlying contributing factors. 


Here’s something for you to consider:  Maybe your body needs to tell you something.   The conscious mind might think it knows but does it really? 

Kinesiology is a safe and effective therapy that assists and supports us to navigate our way through life.  The body knows!

If any of this resonates with you, or you would like to know more about Kinesiology and how it can help you live your most authentic life, contact Zoe at Inner Health and Healing appointment and see for yourself!  Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 11.47.59 am


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