Finding your MATE – the Mindset/Awareness/Thought/Energy needed to move yourself to a state of Allowance, Abundance and Self-Pride.


Do you sometimes feel sorry for yourself? 

Do you sometimes feel resentful and confused why others seem to have ‘so much’ and you ‘so little’?  Does the green-eyed monster show up sometimes? 


What is this trying to tell you?


Even when we are aware that such thoughts make us feel worse, and are not even true, we still allow them in.  Our energy plummets as a result and this allows another truck-load of negative feelings in. 


Finding the right thought, mindset, attitude or awareness raises not only our energy to halt the ‘poor me syndrome’ in its tracks, but also gives us new and useful information about ourselves so we can propel ourselves forward, toward what it is we really want.


I experienced the ‘poor me syndrome’ when I was struggling as a single mum on a tight budget, despite knowing on a conscious level that this way of thinking did not serve me in the slightest.  I found myself noticing other people’s new and shiny stuff and comparing it with my own humble set of circumstances. 


I casually mentioned this ‘poor me’ feeling to my mum who told me to remember how much worse off so many others are.  Sadly this approach never worked for me, (along with many others who hear it in a moment of crisis).  Firstly it minimises one’s own struggles and secondly, it makes you feel even worse, after thinking about all those others who have it far worse!


Then something clicked that did make me feel better.  The golden thought/awareness/mindset always that comes when it is ready to be received.   I found the thought, I had the ‘AHA’ moment. 


Yes, I have a roof over my head, 2 arms and 2 legs, and can see and hear.  I am not chained in a damp cellar with no food.  But it was another thought that helped me shift up a gear into a feeling of abundance.  And it was simply this:


“I am a kind-hearted person.  I can empathise with others and I really listen to them.  I am honest.  When I think of it, I am really happy with the kind of person I turned out to be”.


To which my mum replied, – “Is modesty in that list?” followed by the warning, “Be humble or be humbled!’


But I was undeterred – I still felt happy with who I was and also gained some more insight into where my self-shaming originated – past generational beliefs and attitudes.


I see many clients with issues of low self-esteem, which affects key areas of their life.  They have no idea who they really are and tend to put themselves down.  They feel ‘undeserving’ in general and never good enough. 


These are the people who hang their heads low in shame and discomfort as they accept thanks for a job well done. 


These people are compassionate, honest, empathetic and willing to help others.  They are the sort of people you wish you worked with and can always count on.  They are the sort of people that bring out the best in you and you feel comfortable around them.


We all know and love people like this yet they still hide away. 


They hide because they feel unworthy.  Unworthy? Why would anyone lack self-worth when they have ALL this going for them?


These core personality traits are not something you can ever buy no matter how much money you have, or how good you look.


And this is how I found the shift – the awareness that worked for me.  I am rich beyond imagination. 


Make the shift – shift your energy into a space that accommodates a different perspective.  A place that allows you to finally acknowledge who you are with pride.


Kinesiology gives us instant access to the holistic information held by the subconscious brain and what is needed to help body, mind and spirit restore balance and heal itself.


Simply put, kinesiology is a way of talking directly to the body, to the mind, and to every part of you, without the conscious mind interfering, to identify the bottom line cause of any imbalance and resolve it.


If this resonates with you, or would like to know more and see for yourself how Kinesiology techniques can raise your energy, contact Zoe at Inner Health and Healing to make an appointment.   

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