Try Kinesiology: Chakra Clearing



Kinesiology is a gentle Holistic Therapy that taps into the Knowledge and Wisdom of your own body, to balance Energy, heal past trauma and resolve present problems.

One of the many ways we can shift our energy towards achieving what we really want is working with the Chakras – a network of spiralling energy centres throughout the body. 

Their function is to push life energy or ‘chi’ through the body rather like the paddles of a pinball game pushing balls along.   In order to do this, they need to be free-flowing and clear, but they can become blocked by stressful thoughts and unhealthy lifestyle choices. 

When this happens energy is not able to move along as it should and our emotions may become unbalanced. We cannot seem to think straight, we feel ‘sluggish’ and become more susceptible to illnesses. 

The Chakras take in, process and move along energy all the…

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