What is stopping us from making healthier choices?


“We are like the little branch that quivers during a storm, doubting our strength and forgetting we are the tree—deeply rooted to withstand all life’s upheavals.” 

― DodinskyIn the Garden of Thoughts

What might prevent us from making healthier decisions and choices? 

Limiting beliefs around our own abilities and fear-based thoughts tell us to lock ourselves away forever where it is safe.  We might blame others for keeping us imprisoned, but ultimately we do it to ourselves.

We don’t realise that we have the inner strength to complete whatever it is we are currently working on, to deal with the big life change that is looming ahead, or to facilitate the change we want to see happen.

We might not believe that we all have, already within us, the courage,  discipline and ability to achieve our goals, however little or big they may be. 

We forget to look at our battle scars and see proof of our amazing accomplishments.  Instead, we use them to perpetuate the myth that we are victims of our own circumstance.

No-one may have told us that Life = Growth, Challenges, Mistakes, and Joyful moments.  This might not have been what your parents believed, and so we get confused what life is all about.  We come to the conclusion that Life = Pain, Struggle, Being Last.  And then we manifest all of the above into our life. 

Kinesiology can clear the energy around negative mindsets that tell us we can’t cope, that we can’t fulfil our goals, that we have to ‘settle, and we can’t step outside our boxes. 

These beliefs hold us back from limitless opportunities to expand our knowledge, allow fun and spontaneity, take good care of ourselves and experience the joyful moments that make life special. 

Create balance in your beliefs and emotions, and step into the life you deserve! 



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