What Signals Are We Sending?



Why Do I Always Attract the Same Types? 

We attract what we feel we deserve.  We send out energetic signals to everyone we meet and these people will interpret the signals accordingly. 


Our signals may indicate that we are doormats, or that we are people of integrity and expect to be treated well. 


These signals come from deep within us and manifest outwardly to attract certain people towards us and keep others away. 


If we are attracting people who harm us, take advantage of us, or use us for their own agenda, and block the people who are invested in our growth and happiness – our signals are out of balance.


Of the many layers of conditioning that might be stifling our chances to experience genuine and healthy relationships, it is the, ‘I am not deserving’ one that is the most common, the most restricting and the most well-hidden. 


How can we attract anything good into our lives if we fundamentally believe deep down in our core that we don’t deserve it? 


The list of excuses we give to ourselves are endless, but underneath them, all is the same line – “I don’t deserve it”. 


Kinesiology works to clear away the stagnating thoughts and beliefs that inhibit our freedom of choice and keep us stuck with the same types of people or situations. 


Align your energy towards a more empowering mindset, and watch that which no longer serves you simply fall away. 

You DO deserve to live your best life!

If this resonates with you, perhaps you too will benefit from seeing a  Kinesiologist. Make an appointment today.



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