What’s Underneath all our Pain?


Can we see through our physical and emotional pain?

Jack makes an appointment with his doctor because he keeps getting sick, and his back is giving him hell.  He blames the children as they keep catching colds at school, which they pass onto him.  The doctor gives him medication to help, which only gives temporary relief, so he soon returns for more medication, to get more temporary relief. 

To take his mind off all his problems he decides to renovate his home, only to find that he has damp, mould, broken asbestos sheets and mouse droppings behind the walls.  Not only that, his wife has started chatting with the handsome new butcher and is rarely home in time to make dinner.  This makes him feel more things than just being hungry.  

Maybe Jack’s health problems are not all stemming from what he originally thought.

Medication masks the majority of ‘symptoms’, as they trick your brain into thinking you are ‘better’ but true healing is better begun by first looking inwards.

And what about emotions?  Repressed emotions can find their way around the body easily and cause many problems.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pain in the upper and lower back is associated with the emotion of Anger. 

Repressed toxic emotions such as Anger can lead to pain and stiffness in the muscles and if repressed over decades it can manifest in other areas.  Because energy has to ‘go somewhere’ it will generally go to the muscles, where it will eventually cause stiffness and pain.

Our emotions and state of mind affect our immune system, and toxic thoughts and beliefs over a long period of time can do more harm than we think.

As kinesiologists, we explore what is behind the pain.  What is the WHOLE picture?  What is going on in your life right now?  When did this pain start, and under what circumstances? 

Are you ready to look at a more holistic way to improve your health?

To find out more how Kinesiology can help you visit:

http://www.innerhealthandhealing.net  preview

References and Further Reading:

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Image:  alireza-ghezelbash-553011-unsplash.jpg

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