Seeing A-Round Pain


We are taught to look outside of ourselves to find the answers to our illnesses or health.  As a kinesiologist, I look at the client from a holistic perspective – people are more than ‘just their pain’.  I ask what the pain means to them.  We discuss what the pain prevents them from doing, and what they would be doing if they didn’t have this pain.  More often than not, true healing begins by looking inwards.

Repressed energy goes to the muscles, and continued repression causes stiffness and pain.  After many years this can lead to systemic pain and illness.

Repressed Anger can lead to muscle stiffness and pain, usually in the neck and lower back. 

I ask if the pain is serving them for some reason?  This sounds ludicrous, but it’s surprising how many people are benefitting in some way from their condition.  For example, they meet people (therapists, support groups etc) as a result of their pain.  This eases their sense of loneliness, which may be at the heart of all their physical problems. 

Markowitz states that most disease conditions manifest themselves as a result of a weakened immune system.  And toxic emotional states weaken the immune system. 

Words have energy and energy alters matter.  We all know how it feels to be taken out at the knees by someone’s words, or even a ‘look’.  But we attack ourselves, we judge ourselves harshly, we don’t give ourselves credit for anything and we work ourselves into the grave.

Metaphors often fit with our physical ailments.  By discussing metaphors with clients they are given clues as to what may be behind their ongoing problems – the ones that never seem to get better.  Through gentle muscle testing, we can access the Emotion behind the symptoms and the illness.  This can give the client valuable insight and clarity so they can start thinking beyond the box and start to see themselves in their entirety – as emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual beings.  Are we serving all of ourselves?  Are we in balance? 

Common ailments and their metaphors:


Metaphors, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Considerations, Emotions.

Stiffness in neck or upper back

Are you emotionally inflexible?

Is someone annoying or irritating you? (pain in the neck)

Are you feeling angry but don’t know why?

Are you being too hard on yourself?

With neck pain we are using secondary muscles to get more air in, these muscles tighten from overuse leading to headaches from our ‘perceived’ stress. 


Body Part:  Muscles

Element:  EARTH

TCM Emotions:  Sympathy, Empathy

MERIDIANS:  Spleen, Stomach



Self Judgement

Self Criticism.

Pain in Lower Back

Kees, Ankles, Arches of feet.

These are all areas that support you. 

Do you feel a lack of support in your life?

Are you angry at yourself for letting this happen?

Are you angry because the support you gave to others went unappreciated?

Are you feeling deserving of support but didn’t /don’t get it?




Lower Back

Are you feeling angry at a family member?


Body Part:  Muscles

Element:  EARTH

TCM Emotions:  Sympathy, Empathy

MERIDIANS:  Spleen, Stomach




breathing problems, Elimination problems,

Obesity and Depression

Allergies – Childhood control issues with food – reward/punishment tactics by parents. 


Repressed Greif.

Inflexible joints and muscles

Inflexible with your thinking?


Stubbornness (like a toddler not getting their own way)

Pain in Lower Back upon Standing

What does ‘standing up’, mean to you?

Taking responsibility?

Being Recognised?

Are you (or not) taking a stand on something?

Shoulder pain when raising arm overhead

Do you feel you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Angry at a teacher (raising hand in class).

Being always someone else’s shoulder to cry on. 

S and C shaped spinal curves (Scoliosis)


Body Part:  Bones

Element:  Water

TCM Emotion:  Fear, Anxiety

Meridians:  Bladder, Kidneys


Intense repressed Anger as a child.

Cold hands and Feet

When the body perceives intense stress it will play ‘dead’.

Are you intensely stressed often?

Yawning and Lethargy

We feel tired when we are stagnant in mind, thought, or body.

Yawning indicates the lungs need to get some air deep inside them and get the diaphragm working again (like a dog yawning in the morning)

You need a wake-up call!

Get up and do something, what is it you need to do?




Sore Throat, Mucous, Voice problems,

Thyroid problems

Energetic blockages in the Throat Chakra

Feel like someone has stifled your right to speak, to be heard?  Send compassion to that person – open your heart. 


The body needs to detoxify FAST. 

What do you need to let go of sooner, rather than later?

There is an emotional element to the meal that you think caused the problem. 

Know that it’s part of your healing process.



Skin Conditions

Repressed heavy emotional states felt as a teenager/child.

Need to fully release them with a good cry.


Element:  Metal

Meridians:  Lung, Large Intestine.



Anxiety (about emerging puberty/sexuality).   

Excema, Psoriasis, dandruff

Need to fully release emotional states.


Element:  Metal

TCM Emotions:  Grief


Repression of Grief.

Runny Nose

Your body needs to detoxify – just let it!

What needs your uppermost attention?

What can you no longer ignore?

What do you need to let go of?

Buy a box of tissues, maybe not medication!

Learning Difficulties

Labelling does more damage to children, they lose their voice, and then their confidence.   Accept the child as a whole person. 

Gas and Poor Digestions

Eating too quickly?

Are you worrying while you eat?  The body’s cells change instantly as a result of thoughts. 

When worrying less the enzymes can utilise the nutrition and energy from the food you eat.  Be Mindful when you eat.




STD’s and Sexual Dysfunction

Learned and unnatural guilt and shame around innate and natural thoughts and sensations. 

Where you shamed by your parents? 

Are you hating your work?

Are you in a passive position at work or in the home? (these situations can affect your sex life – testosterone and oestrogen both rise and fall with life’s challenges). 




(these emotions block the natural and vibrant energy in the hips and genital area).

High Blood Pressure

If your muscles have tightened due to emotional toxicity (e.g Anger) they could directly/indirectly constrict arteries or veins, creating pressure and Hi BP, with repeated occurrence.

Have you spent many years bearing a grudge, or feeling simmering resentment towards a person or situation?

What emotions do you think may be causing this?

Were you not given space to express some of your anger?

Were you made to ‘hold it in?’

What do you feel you are holding in?

Are you smoking/drinking/eating junk?

What are you unwilling to face, that makes you seek to fill a perceived void with things you know are bad for you?

Why would you do something so harmful to yourself?


Element:  FIRE

TCM Emotion: Joy.

Meridians: Small Intestine, Triple Warmer, Heart, Circulation Sex.


Anger, Resentment etc. – any toxic Emotion.



Feeling Scared



Low Self Esteem

Tight Muscles

Are you feeling negative emotions on a regular basis? 

Do you often feel uptight?


Element:  Earth

Meridians:  Spleen, Stomach

TCM Emotions: Sympathy

Emotional toxicity.

Mental Disorders

Mind and Body are connected.  Whatever happens in the mind will manifest in the body.  This is the end result of emotional blockages.

Have you not been given permission to express your feelings?

ADHD – Why are kids hyper?  Because they are bored and seeking challenges elsewhere.  They CAN focus on what they enjoy (i.e video games).  So is it a focus problem?

Depression – Meds can be a temporary fix but do not address the underlying issues. Give yourself the time and space to move the stagnated energy through emotional release work via energy medicine. 

Deep Emotional wounds.

Fears & Phobias

Maybe Genetic Memory at work?  It worked for our ancestors. 

Maybe an awareness is all that is needed.  Or alternatively exposure – expose the fear first to get over it?


After being bombarded with stimuli/and or worries all day, they can’t just magically turn off at night-time. 

Give yourself a safe place to VENT, morning, afternoon and evening.  Via whatever it takes – gym, journalling, sport etc.  Do something to release the built up energy that has collected during the day. 


Fears for the future, so really anxiety is a misunderstanding of time.  If you try to control what can’t be controlled (i.e future) it will affect your physiology. 




Past Regret (circling through the mind)


When we are not trusting the process, the EGO is at play.  It’s difficult to feel the support that you DO have, if you are despondent. 

Hopelessness blocks energy flow.  It is eradicated by ‘doing’, and ’being’ that which brings you bliss.

Bliss infuses you when you are doing what you love most. 

To reach the top sometimes you have to reach rock bottom – everything is playing out as it should?

Feeling in the hopeless state gives you the opportunity to see the beauty in ‘challenges’. 


Trust (Not Trusting)


Worrying is an activity that is disconnected from Source.  When we worry about things we can’t change a destructive energy is created.

Questions to ask yourself:  What is the worst thing that can happen?  And then what?  And then what? 

Your heart will answer instead of your Ego if you let it. 

Low vibrational thoughts will attract low vibrational situations.  This in turn weakens the immune system. 

How to release your worry?  Look intently at what you’re worrying about, the more you look at it, the more it dissipates.

Things are there to get your attention – not your worry type attention, negative attention, but your understanding and inquisitive attention.  If you give it to them they become less of a burden.    

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 11.47.59 amIf this resonates with you, perhaps you too will benefit from seeing a  Kinesiologist. Make an appointment today.

References and further reading:

Markowitz, D.  2010:  Healing with Source, A Spiritual Guide to Mind-Body Medicine. Findhorn Press, Scotland.

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  1. Liz says:

    This is so true. Unresolved feelings can be painful to both mind and body.

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