Kinesiology Balances – “Changing Perspectives”.


This is one of my favourite awarenesses and is often indicated as a balance needed in kinesiology sessions.  It’s simple but has proven to be very effective in helping people who are feeling ‘stuck’, ‘trapped’ or unsure of what to do next.  

You might firmly believe you need a complete change of scene, but is this really what you need, or is it, instead, a complete change of perspective? 

Do you find yourself running away from situations often?  It’s true that some places/people are not raising our energy (putting it politely) and it may be our best option to create some space around ourselves.  Other times we may be caught in a habitual pattern of always seeing fault, or looking for fault – which may have been the pattern of one, or both of our parents. 

We all harbour our parent’s perspectives in one way or the other, some healthy, and some not.  Are these attitudes serving us now? – As we live our lives in an entirely new generation? Sometimes we are stuck emotionally, then internally rebel, and end up sabotaging ourselves, but don’t realise we are doing it.

This balance helps clients to establish a clearer picture as to what is happening in certain situations.  It can be eye-opening and thought-provoking, as the body (through muscle testing) indicates what it needs, and what is no longer serving us. 

As usual in a Kinesiology session, Awarenesses – or ‘Aha’ moments/ ‘Lightbulb’ moments, are frequent and powerful.  These Awarenesses bring us the clarity we need to create an effective plan of action that will align with our health and wellbeing. 

Once an Awareness has been reached, it is hard to go back to your original position.  Kinesiology can open up many doors, as it bypasses the conscious mind, and lets the body indicate what it needs.  Whether that be a change in perspective or an actual change in one of our life areas.

Through Muscle-testing we can test which area of our life this balance relates to.   It could be Family members, Co-workers, Friends, How we see ourselves (0ur own self-worth), our Place of work, Personal Goals, etc. 

And we discuss what, if any, are our fears around change?  What would a change involve?  Visualisations and role play can help shift our energy around whatever outcome we want for ourselves.  Our confidence is then increased and we become physically and emotionally prepared for these changes.

Kinesiology is a wonderful tool that assists and supports us to navigate our way through life.  The body knows! 

If this resonates with you, or you wish to know more about Kinesiology and how it can support you, Contact  Zoe, at Inner Health & Healing.


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