Let’s Try Kinesiology – Neuro Lymphatic Points


Energy Raisers – The Neuro-Lymphatic Reflex Points

Neuro-Lymphatic Reflex Point Massage for Energy Boost/Energy Rise and Toxic Cleansing.

What are Neuro-Lymphatic Reflex Points?

Working with the NL points is a balance that is often indicated in the practice of Kinesiology.  These gentle and relaxing energy balances increase lymphatic drainage in specific organs and muscles and bring much-needed energy and vitality to our bodies and major energy pathways, or meridians. 

A properly functioning lymphatic system is crucial to our health. 

It is also an incredibly relaxing experience for clients to have an NL massage, as many of the points are located on either side of the spine. 

Frank Chapman – an osteopath, found that he could improve the functioning of the lymphatic system by massaging what is now known as the neuro-lymphatic reflex points. 

Dr George Goodheart (known as the father of modern-day Kinesiology) borrowed and adapted Chapman’s techniques, and used them in to correct energy imbalances and strengthen muscles.

How can an NL massage help or support us?

By increasing energy to a specific muscle and its related MERIDIAN.

Massage of NLs increases lymph drainage and therefore cleanses the system of toxins. 

Increases the carrying capacity of the lymph system, allowing it to process up to 10 times more fluid than normal.

Increases the production of lymphocytes, thereby increasing the body’s ability to fight infections.

Activates the parasympathetic response, producing an incredibly relaxing experience.


Lymph Facts

  • Lymph flows only in 1 direction and acts like a drainage system.  It carries proteins, hormones and fats to cells, produces antibodies and makes 1/4 of white blood cells.  There is twice the amount of lymph than that of blood/vessels.
  • The NL reflex points vary in size to a small pellet to a small bean, can be palpable, alone or in groups – sometimes scattered over an entire muscle.
  • They are located mostly on chest and back. 
  • They are stimulating neurologically to the lymphatic system in each area of the body (and to the organs and glands themselves)
  • These points can turn off when the system is overloaded and regulate the system. 
  • They do not correspond with Lymph glands, the link is neurological.

Simply put, massage of the NLs helps to balance the meridians and promotes/maintains good health. 

Metaphysical considerations – if the body tests for NL work, (via muscle testing) this can metaphysically signify the need to let go of toxic things in your life, and the need to be (or feel) ‘cleansed’ of a situation.

If this resonates with you, or would like to know more and see for yourself how Kinesiology techniques can raise your energy, contact Zoe at Inner Health and Healing to make an appointment.   

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