Try Kinesiology: Relax & Re-Energise!


The Neuro-vascular Reflex Points

Kinesiology is a gentle Holistic Therapy that taps into the Knowledge and Wisdom of your own body, to Balance Energy, Heal past trauma, and Resolve present problems.


A simple but effective kinesiology technique often used to correct energy imbalances and strengthen muscles is working with the Neuro-vascular (NV) Reflex Points.


As with The Neuro-lymphatic (NL) Reflex points – they help to balance the meridians and promote and maintain good health, as well as helping clients achieve their goals. 


They were discovered by Chiropractor Terrence Bennet, who learned that blood flow can be encouraged to specific organs by gently holding these reflex points, which are located on the head and face, and accessed by gentle touch.


A deep sense of calm is created for clients as we work with the NV reflex points as stimulating them helps ease specific emotions.  And because they bring energy and nutrients to the muscles and their related organs, they are also known to be a great energy booster. 


The body may indicate (through muscle testing) that it needs NV work to correct an imbalance.  Alongside the correction, the metaphysical considerations are discussed to bring about deeper self-awareness and those great ‘Aha’ moments.  


Where is your natural flow being restricted in life?

What needs nurturing?

What needs to go with the flow?

Breath of Life

Are you accessing and stimulating what gives you ‘life’?


If this resonates with you, you would like to know more, or experience how Kinesiology techniques help to raise your energy, rest, relax, and rejuvenate, contact Zoe at Inner Health and Healing to make an appointment and experience it for yourself!  Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 11.47.59 am

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