The Neuro-Emotional Reflexes


Kinesiology is a gentle Holistic Therapy that taps into the Knowledge and Wisdom of your own body, to balance Energy, heal past trauma and resolve present problems.


Another simple but effective kinesiology technique often used to correct energy imbalances is working with the Neuro-Emotional reflexes. 

These reflexes are also known as stress tolerance points, or EMOTIONAL CIRCUIT BREAKERS and help to RELIEVE STRESS, improve MUSCLE TONE and BOOST ENERGY. 


As with The Neuro-lymphatic and Neuro Vascular Reflex points – see previous Blog posts:

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– they help to balance the meridians and maintain good health, as well as helping clients achieve their goals. 


We can all recognise a distinct shift in our energy levels – or ‘life energy’ – when we have accomplished something worthwhile, and we can also feel our energy plummet during stressful situations. 


Stress reduces our life energy, and blocked life energy can feel like someone has pulled out our batteries.


Dr Bruce Dewe MD, New Zealand, Founder of PKP, discovered that these points are specific to our meridians, and found that firm stimulation of them may safely release pent-up emotions, create a calmer disposition, increase stress tolerance and even settle chronic digestive upsets.


He points out that NE points are generally tender (or a little sore) to touch when holding an emotion.   Prolonged stress calls for greater demands on the body’s calcium reserves for both nerve transmission and constant muscle activity, which results in chronically tight and tense muscles.


The body may indicate (through muscle testing) that it needs NV work to correct an imbalance.  Alongside the correction, the metaphysical considerations are discussed with clients in sessions, in order to bring about deeper self-awareness and those great ‘Aha’ moments.


Do you find it sometimes difficult to respond appropriately?

Do you find yourself flying off the handle easily?

Are you in touch with your own level of self-responsibility? 

Are you hiding something away and trying to forget it’s there?


If this resonates with you, you would like to know more, or experience how Kinesiology techniques help to raise your energy, rest, relax, and rejuvenate, contact Zoe at Inner Health and Healing to make an appointment and experience it for yourself!  

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